About Us

Everything you need to know about Craft Beer Lovers Aruba

Our story.

While traveling in Denver, we got introduced to the booming industry of craft beers. We immediately fell in love with the wide variety of craft beers, each one unique and extremely delicious. Our view on beers was forever changed. For once it was an ordinary drink to quench your thirst and provide a buzz, it became this delicious high quality and unique product you would enjoy on various occasions.

Our Mission.

Our mission at Craft Beer Lovers Aruba is to introduce the local market to the delicious craft beers of the United States. We have a wide variety available to please every taste bud. We work with several breweries in the US to distribute their delicious products here in Aruba.

Craft Beer Community

We would love to encourage the local craft beer drinkers to be part of an Aruban Craft Beer community which has the same values as the US craft beer community. Those values include;

  • support of local, small & independent companies
  • to appreciate fresh produce and ingredients
  • involvement in the community
  • to promote the craft beer culture and the responsible enjoyment of beer
  • to support environmental causes
  • and remember to have fun!

Craft Beer Drinkers

Craft beer drinkers primarily differentiate themselves on the basis of taste, flavor and enthusiasm to try new things. Craft beer drinkers like to sample different styles of beer across different breweries versus the traditional loyalty seen with mass-production breweries. Craft beer drinkers require a variety in style, they want to support the craft beer community and they demand quality in ingredients and within the brewing process. To sum it up, they love awesome tasting beers!

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"Aruba's Craft Beer Festival, This May"

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